Journey to Scratch is about the all of the things that go into becoming a scratch player: Passion for the game golf, technique and swing theory, mastering the mental game, practicing correctly and with the best training aids, getting fit for the right equipment and of course rounds of golf, many rounds of golf.

Golf is an amazing game that is truly a privilege to play.  The concepts are simple, but mastery does not come easy.  As your technique gets better, the mental game becomes even more important.

My goal with this blog is to share part of my journey with you.  I want to tell you about my triumphs and my disappointments, what I’ve learned that’s made a difference.  I want to provide reviews of products that I find useful.  And share tips, thoughts, and aha’s that make the game more fun and rewarding.

If I’ve said something that you like please leave a comment.  My hope is that the blog posts will stimulate discussion that we can all learn from.

About the name Zen Chili

Zen Chili is a nickname that a friend of gave back in high school.  It always fit me well.  I tend to be very zen like sometimes, deep in thought, contemplating things.  But I can be extremely passionate and fiery.

My handicap is currently an 6.2.  I started the season as an 8.0 so I’m excited about the progress I’m making.  Three years ago I was a 26 handicap.

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