Why start this blog?

There are a million golf blogs out there so why did I create this?  And what the heck is a Zen Chili?

I created this blog because I have a burning desire to become a scratch golfer.  Currently my USGA handicap index is at 11.8.  That does not make me a terrible golfer, but it is not where I want to be.  I want to be at an idex of 0 or even a plus if all goes well.

I want to share with the world any ideas, thoughts, drills, exercises or breakthroughs I think of as they pertain to becoming a super golfer.  I want to people to share their ideas and experiences as well.  This will not be an easy journey.  It will be full of ups and downs.  And I hope you enjoy it.  In the end I hope I can inspire, and connect with other golfers through the unique struggle/pleasure/hell/heaven that is golf.

Zen Chili is a nickname that a friend of gave back in high school.  It always fit me well.  I tend to be very zen like sometimes, deep in thought, contemplating things.  But I can be extremely passionate and fiery.  As my zest for golf shows.