Dreaded Swing Flaws and a possible OTT cure

OTT.  I hate those letters.  They stand for Over The Top.  One of the worst swing flaws a golfer can have.  I have been fighting an OTT swing for years.  I have always been looking for a cure and I think I’m getting close.  I thought I didn’t have it that much.  I have been practicing with a video and making beautiful swings indoors.  So I thought I was over the OTT issue.  However I took the camera to the range and an interesting thing happened.  My practice swings were beautiful.  On plane, and in perfect tempo.  The club would drop to the inside.  It was a beautiful thing to watch.  However when it was time to hit the ball, an ugly OTT swing would replace the beautiful practice swing.  Ugh.  And it kept happening over and over.  I would  record a few practice swings (perfect), and a few actual swings (ugly).  The thing was that my ugly swings actually hit a lot of good shots.  I think that’s why I didn’t think the OTT was that bad.  Anyway, seeing that on video made me realize that I needed to make a change.  I would suggest video taping a practice session and comparing practice swings to actual swings.  You might not believe the differences.

So like I said, I think I found a few keys to getting rid of OTT.  The first key is the thought of throwing the club down the range.  Surprisingly this gets my body to do a lot of the right things.

The second key is a little bit of a Furyk like move.  The way I see it, is that if my body wants to go over the top, it is because it’s compensating for something.  Take the club back too inside, and you almost have nowhere to go but over the top.  Take the club back feeling like it’s too for out in front of you, and my body naturally wants to bring it inside.

So I went to the range with these two thoughts.  Man was it good.  I was hitting a lot of shots very straight.  Maybe a hint of a draw, but pretty much perfectly straight.  I didn’t hit them all straight, but enough that I noticed a difference.