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What is the Jack and Jill Foundation?

The Jack and Jill Foundation gives children who are losing a parent to late stage cancer with limited life expectancy the chance to make some happy memories with their parents while they still can.

“Thousands of Moms and Dads in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s  with late stage cancer will die each year despite the advances in research.  These parents are leaving behind grieving children. “

Through their “WOW!” program Jack & Jill has sent families all over the nation and beyond to resorts, big cities, concerts, award shows, ball games, cruises, VIP tours, meet & greets and more wonderful experiences.

WOW! Experiences offer parents a timeout from the inevitable outlook of leaving behind their children and give the children a chance to have FUN, positive time as a family instead of the dread they face of losing their Mom or Dad.

As a golfer you can help the Jack and Jill Foundation continue to fulfill its mission of creating wonderful memories for the children who are losing a parent.

Donate directly to the Jack and Jill Foundation or sign up for a unique Golf event.

Golf Marathon at PGA National


The Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation has partnered with the Honda Classic for a truly unique golf event that will be a phenomenal day for any avid golfer—a real kick and definitely memorable!

We are hosting a Golf Marathon on the tournament course at PGA National the Saturday

just before the PGA Tour Players arrive. The course will be setup exactly as the PGA TOUR Players will play it. A full Inside The Ropes experience. Your own WOW! Experience! The cost to the PRO-AM participants is $7000 just to play. You get to play for FREE!!

The Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation has secured the course for its first annual Golf Marathon in West Palm Beach. The golf marathon gives you a chance to do something you most likely have never had the opportunity to do. You will be playing as many holes as you can in one day! We tee off at 7:30 AM on Saturday Feb 27th and play until you drop or stop dropping! Past FORE: Marathons most guys played 72, 83 and 100 holes. It really is a helluva day…..lot’s of laughs, great shots, not so great shots and stories. And plenty of ice cold beer (or your choice) throughout and afterwards along with burgers, dogs, cookies and more.

Your Contribution

Your contribution is yourself and getting friends, family and business colleagues to sponsor your efforts. You can have others pledge $1-$5 (or more) per hole played. Or you can have them pledge a fixed amount.

Each golfer is asked to raise $3000. That could be 30 people pledging only $100 each for your efforts. Most of you will raise much more which is just fantastic and so very important FORE: The Foundation.

Imagine, let’s say 36 golfers raising at least $3,000 each to benefit The Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation. That’s at least $108,000. What’s more, if each of you as Ambassadors for The Foundation spread the remarkable impact to an average of 30 people each, that’s almost 1100 people who will discover just how meaningful Jack & Jill is. The numbers are exciting and significant. And, that’s just for one Golf Marathon. We will be hosting marathons FORE: Jack & Jill in other cities and other pristine TPC courses across the country.


WWW.JAJF.ORG Please check out their site and watch the brief videos on the bottom of their homepage! It is the absolute best way to start.

As the only organization of its kind in the nation, The Jack and Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation treats families to WOW! Experiences®, giving children, who will lose their Mom or Dad to cancer, a timeout to

create indispensable memories together…..while they can.

* Thousands of Moms and Dads in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s with late stage cancer will die each year despite the advances in research. These parents are leaving behind grieving children.

* The Foundation flies in the face of Late Stage Cancer with smiles, joy, and a return to normalcy for these families.

* In just under three years we are proud of their professional standing and the national praise and credibility they have received. Look for the Ann Curry/TODAY Show feature.

When you hear the families reflect on the misery they face yet also reveal the profound and touching impact The Foundation has on the patient, the care giving spouse and the children—when you see the pictures, the smiles, the relief, the joy of families living in the moment, we all should take pride in knowing we are doing the right thing. Most of the Dads and Moms The Foundation “treats” die within 2-5 months after they go on their WOW! Experience® . This is meaningful, tangible and indispensable. Your support will give these families a cherished timeout…together….while they can. What a gift. Indispensable is an appropriate word.

Jill Albert, the inspiration behind Jack & Jill died from breast cancer just before Thanksgiving of 2006…a special time typically reserved for families being together. Jon and Jill have two young children Jake and

Jamie who now only have the memories of their Mom.

* Jack and Jill has sent families all over the nation and the Caribbean to resorts, big cities, concerts, award shows, ball games, cruises, VIP tours, meet & greets, etc..

* Late stage cancer strikes families; late stage cancer is not only a physical, emotional and spiritual disaster, it creates dire circumstances economically for the family.

* Please go on the website and click on the families tab at the top. Drop down to the Appreciation Archives and the


Photo Gallery

The Appreciation Archives:

The Family Photo Gallery: .

* You will see letter after letter, hundreds of pictures and voice messages from families expressing their sheer gratitude for the

time together and the memories gained.

* It is exceptionally sweet and poignant; it is also bittersweet when you realize many of the Moms & Dads have already succumbed

to this disease leaving behind their children.

* There is a clear return (ROI) for donors. There is no black hole.

* Jack and Jill makes it seamless for each family…from drive way to drive way…everything is covered. The family need not worry,

lift a finger or spend a dime.

* Jack and Jill gains their families strictly through a national coalition of leading cancer hospitals and centers. We accept referrals only from the Oncologists…no self nominations or self referrals…a controlled process unique to our organization. The coalition includes: Moffitt Cancer Center, The Jay Monahan Center, Mount Sinai, Sloane-Kettering, MD Anderson, Vanderbilt, City of Hope, Cedars Sinai, UCLA, Duke, Dana Farber, Emory, Arizona Cancer Center, Cornell and others.

* The national oncology community has completely embraced and praised Jack and Jill including Nancy Brinker (Founder) of Komen for the Cure, Stand Up 2 Cancer, The National Cancer Institute, The American Cancer Society and Doug Ulman (CEO) Lance Armstrong Foundation.

* The Moms and Dads are in treatment, but we are certainly treating the families.

* 93% of contributions go directly to programming

* They continue to be praised for being lean, efficient, direct and fiscally responsible.

* The organization has just three employees and a growing national Board.

* They are maximizing every dollar raised; having raised nearly $3 million in in-kind support (airline tickets, accommodations,

activities) with an operating cash budget of $490,000…an impressive ratio.

* a 501(c)(3) tax exempt national public charity

* Life can be cruel and profoundly tough. For a 7 year old to lose her mom to cancer or a 14 year old to lose his dad, these kids are losing their security blankets; their heroes at a very vulnerable time. Jill’s 4 1/2 year battle finally came to a rest, but her vision to make something out of the harsh realities of cancer… was just beginning.

Jill’s final words the evening of their kickoff days before she passed away have become their mantra…their purpose:

“The children need a break…they just need a break; and so do the parents. This Foundation needs to continue….it must.”


Top Fund Raiser- Wins a trip to Mizuno Golf HQ for a factory tour, custom fitting and a new set of Mizuno Irons of your choice. You’ll fly round trip thanks to AirTran Airways and stay overnight in Atlanta.

Prizes- Hole In One Contest…not just one shot at it but a chance every time you play the hole! You may “drive” away an winner!!!

$10,000 PUTT- players will qualify during the marathon for one golfer to have a shot at holing a 50′ putt for $10,000! In our last FORE: Jack & Jill marathon we had a player make it in the qualifier and just miss on the $10,000 attempt!

Putt for dough!!

Low Score Winner- the player with the lowest 18 holes score (best score on each hole for the day) wins the overall marathon The real beneficiaries are these families facing late stage cancer together and the imminent loss of Dad or Mom. What a way to give back and give them the gift of time together…while they can.

Your Friend In Golf,

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