Feedback from the Technical Staff at Optishot

BPsSince I’ve seen that a number of people commenting in the Optishot review had some technical issues, I decided to ask the manufacturer for a response to their complaints. I have not had any significant issues with the optishot and in fact really like the product. Over the winter it provided me with a solid golf experience at home and allowed me to work on things in a a warm environment as the snow fell outside.

Here is what the technical folks at Optishot provided. I hope it helps anyone who is having some technical issues with their unit.

The best way for an individual to get technical support is to follow the link below, fill out the form and use it to ask questions. Then we will get back to them as quickly as we can.

However, inaccurate swing results is the most common cause of frustration. There are three possible parts to this issue, lighting in the room, Swing Pad integrity, and software adjustments.

The most common cause of inaccurate results is lighting. Following the guidelines below will help mitigate erroneous swing results.
Incandescent, halogen, and day light in even small indirect amounts will negatively affect performance.
OptiShot works best when used in a room with fluorescent lighting.
Warehouse lighting such as Sodium Vapor or Metal Halide also work very well.
Shadows from objects such as the club shaft and the golfer also may negatively affect performance.
Overhead light is generally better than light from the side of the room.
Something else to keep in mind is that irons will tend to produce more accurate results compared to woods. Drivers like the R9, R11 or the King Cobra for example do not work well with OptiShot because of the intricate design on their underside. We have found that drivers with a smooth and reflective bottom will yield more accurate results with OptiShot than those with an irregular and non reflective bottom.

If your lighting is properly set up and you are still having an issue try running OptiShot with the Swing Pad connected and turn off or at least dim all the lights in the room and observe the infrared sensors. With the exception of the Green/Red status light, every other bulb should glow faintly red. If some are out that should be lit then the Swing Pad should be replaced.

If your lighting is properly set up and you are still getting inaccurate results then you could create a custom club set (click link below). Select the actual club you are using, take a few swings and observe the results. If the results are not quite what you would expect then you may edit a number of factors that may bring your swing results in line. For instance, if your club face is always open you could try setting the club’s offset to something dramatic like -5.9 and observe the results. Then you could dial in that number bit by bit until the ball flies true. Next you might edit the club’s speed adjustment up or down from 100% (200% maximum) to bring the club head speeds in line with what you would expect. Then observe the distance the ball is traveling. If that is off you could make an adjustment to the Distance Adjustment up or down from 100% (200% maximum) until the distances are correct. You would then do this for each club.

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