30 Day No Swing Video Challenge

30 Day challengeToday was a very interesting day.  I spent the afternoon with the Head Professional for Sterling Farms Golf Course, Rob LaRosa.  I went there because I had just won a Project X driver shaft and I wanted to be fit so that I would know which shaft to get from them.  The afternoon though evolved into much more than that.

The conversation turned to different teaching philosophies and the impact of technology on the way that golf is taught.  Rob knows that I am a big fan of video analysis.  I record and anlyze almost every day.  And I have learned a lot of from it.  Through the analysis I have learned a lot about the golf swing.

However, I think it has robbed me of feeling the swing.  When you look at the PGA tour there are a number of players who achieved their early success and rise to the top as feel players, and who later lost that as they worked with much more technical and position oriented teachers.

We talked about the way the game has been taught recently, with the proliferation of video analysis and the impact that has had on the game.  I think there are other players like me, who may have become too reliant on video analysis and reaching certain positions rather than playing the game by feel and understanding at the kinesthetic(mind body feeling) level what their body is doing.

Toward the end of the conversation he challenged me to not use Video Analysis for 30 days.  He challenged me to put the camera away and learn to feel the swing, and promised that the things I would learn would change the game for me.

So I have accepted the challenge and I’m extending it.  I will not use any tips from magazines, the internet or the golf channel for these 30 days.

I have also recently had some fantastic and enlightening conversations with a teacher from Dallas Eben Dennis.  He is fascinating teacher who learned the game from the likes of Jimmy Demaret, Ben Hogan and Jackie Burke.  He was a PGA tour player until back problems forced him out of the game and has taught the likes Nick Faldo, Bob Estes, Billy Mayfair among others.

When I told Eben about the 30 day challenge he said it’s a great idea and provided some guidance for me on this challenge.  The best players in the world play like this.  They see the shot, they feel the shot, and they make it happen.  But this is not only available to them, it’s available to everyone.  It simplifies the game.

If this sounds exciting to you, I challenge you to join me.  Sign up on the form below.  You will be mailed instructions for the challenge, how to participate, and more.  We may even have a contest for those who successfully complete the challenge and show the most improvement.  My 30 days kicks off today.  Kick off your 30 days too.