Review: Thumb Caddy – stop regripping the club

Thumb Caddy_New Single BoxThe Thumb Caddy is a clever golf training aid.  It’s main purpose is to help players stop regripping the golf club.  I know that I have been guilty of this in the past.

I’m not sure what causes the regrip, but I think in my case it was a quest for more distance.  I think that when I regripped, I felt like I could come into the ball faster.  What it created though was uncertainty and inconsistency.  How in the world can you hit the ball consistently if you’re changing your grip midway through the swing?

The thumb caddy is easy enough to slip on to the club.  You open it slightly and get the club into it near the hosel where the shaft is narrow.  You then slide it up toward and onto the grip.

Using it simple. The thumb on your upper hand goes into the Thumb Caddy and stays there nice and secure throughout your swing.  If you’re used to regripping, the sensation of having your thumb stay in the same place will feel a little strange.  Because your hands are your connection to the golf club, regripping mid swing can have major consequences on the flight of the ball and the consistency of your shots.

If regripping is an issue for you, give this device a shot.  They are sold individually and sets so that you can have one on every club.  Obviously you can’t use it during tournament rounds, but for practice, or practice rounds, the Thumb Caddy is an excellent little training aid.

Thumb Caddy Website.