Does Ray really want to break 80?

Why isn’t Ray Romano really improving?

From what I’ve seen on “The Haney Project” this season, Ray seems to be getting more and more confused.  The focus has been entirely on Ray’s swing with only a little bit of work on short game.

If Ray really wants to break 80 he needs to learn how to get the most out of what he has.  That will improve his scores tremendously, then any improvements he makes to his golf swing will pay even more dividends.  The problem as I see it is that the focus isn’t really on breaking 80, it’s on fixing swing flaws and mechanics.

First place Ray could cut a lot of strokes: Putting.

On the show Ray’s putting has been very weak.  He missed a 40 foot putt 20 running it 20 past the cup.  That will introduce 3 and 4 putts all day long.  Hank needs to get Ray to two putt, and rarely 3 three put.  That will probably take 5 to 10 strokes of his game right away.

The next area where he has seemed very weak: Chipping and shots around the green.

It’s very difficult to save par when you leave your chip shots 15- 20 and 30 feet from the pin.  In order to break 80 he is going to have to get good at chipping.  He is not going to hit a lot of greens in regulation so he needs to make the most of his chipping and pitching opportunities.  He can probably save another 5 to 10 shots like this.

Now to the long game.

Clearly Ray can occasionally hit some good tee shots and certainly prefers the ball teed up even with his irons.  What he needs is enough to consistency to not get in too much trouble off the tee.  He needs a go to shot that he can get out there long enough, but that’s unlikely to wind up OB or way off the fairway in the trees.  Whether that means teeing off with a fairway wood or long iron, I don’t know, but he needs to find the fairway.  The extra yards he gets with the driver don’t offset the number of shots he loses from going OB, in the trees, or into a hazard, or topping it.

Along with a go to shot, he needs to understand the safest way to plot around the course so that he can get himself near the green in regulation.  Good chipping/pitching could give him plenty of par opportunities, and he’ll hit a few greens and get a few birdie opportunities.

The above points will get him much closer to breaking 80 than simply fixing his swing.  He needs to realize that his focus with the long game should be to improve the quality of his bad shots, so that they are less penalizing.