Review: Launcher and Launcher II Tees


Having used the Zero Friction Tees for many rounds last season I became a fan of the synthetic tee.  My problem with the Zero Friction Tees was that although they can last a while, in some respects they are flimsy.  An iron can easily decapitate one of them.  They are also hard to stick into hard ground.

I was excited to try the Launcher Tees. There are 4 models.  The original Launcher tee is designed for the driver, the Launcher II is also for the driver and provides repeatable ball height, the P3 is for iron and fairway wood tee shots, and the G4 is supposed to help hit the 4th groove on iron shots.

The main difference between the Launch and Laucher II and the P3 and G4 tees is the ability to have a repeatable ball height with them.  The Launcher Tees are built from a soft composite.  I found them to be very sturdy, easy to stick in the ground and stable.  The smaller surface area of the top f the tee can make it just a bit more difficult to get the ball on there and may cause issues in a strong wind.

Overall these are excellent tees and have become my new favorite.  It is difficult to verify their claim of increased distance.  Using these tees I have hit some very long drives, fairway woods and even irons, but whether it is the tee or not, is difficult to determine.  Bu it does feel as if the ball comes off hotter.  The tees should last a very long time and don’t seem to bend and get out of shape the same way that the Zero Friction tees do.

Overall these tees are an excellent value, and a pleasure to use.  The repeatable height and durability are excellent features.  If you do like to vary tee height on your drives then you should opt for the original launcher tees.

Launcher tee website.