Tour Striker – Day 12 – Confidence Building

Over the past 12 days working with the tour striker I’ve seen a significant improvement in my ball striking. For a while and before re-acquainting myself with the TS my distance control was inconsistent.
I’m now much more consistent with my distance control and my I’ve added about 15 yards with each iron.
I’ve found that not only is the TS a great practice tool, but it is also a fantastic way to check your ballstriking.
The Tour Striker helps with consistency
Twelve days ago I was very inconsistent with the TS. If you take a look at the last few posts you’ll see me talk about the inconsistencies. Yesterday on the range my strikes with the TS really surprised me. Not only did the ball fly high and far and straight but it just felt great.
I’ve been working on the on practicing with each hand separately and wow is that a challenging drill. It’s really good though. I’m very pleased with progress I’m making with the Tour Striker.

Tour Striker – Day 3 of 30 – a plan comes into focus

This morning I headed to the driving range early.  Got there around 6:50 am, got set up and hit balls into the foggy morning.

I was encouraged by my practice session on Monday evening.  This morning it was a slightly different story.  I hit a couple of toppers which right away told me that I had too little shaft lean.  When I corrected that I hit a number of low flat stingers.  The balls took off low, stayed lower than 30 yards high and carried about 175 yards into the fog.  They felt solid.

I decided to reach out to Martin Chuck, the inventor of the Tour Striker to tell him about this month long test with his product as well as to get some advice on how best to take advantage of the time.

Based on his suggestions I will be working on the following over the next 30 days.

Tour Striker Practice Game Plan

1. Learn how to let the club land with forward lean. Do this with both hands and with each hand individually.
2. Monitor where you are touching the ground with hands together and individually. Seek to get similar results with the club landing inside the left heel.
3. Hit some “9 to 3” shots trying to get the leading edge of the TS as close to the ground as possible. Keep the left arm on the upper chest, don’t chase the target line.
4. Get use to anticipating the “thud” of touching the ground, not smashing, just touching.
5. Take this “9 to 3” into fuller swings with a focus on balance and rhythm.

I plan to take about a week with each of these guidelines (give or take a few days).

Low Flat Bombs

The exciting thing about hearing from Martin was that to cure my low flat bombs I need just a touch more shaft lean.  So things are not that far off.  All in all it was an encouraging session.  I had a lot of very solid strikes and my distance control feels somewhat more consistent.

I’ll be working to add that little bit extra shaft lean and see what happens with these low flat bombs.

Tour Striker – a month long test with it began today

I’ve decided to do a month long test with each of my favorite swing training aids to see how they impact my ball striking and my game with intense practice.  To begin this series I’m going to use the one that I’ve used the least lately, the Tour Striker.

Why the Tour Striker

I picked the Tour Striker because over the past couple of months I’ve noticed something interesting.  Inexplicably I’ve had periods of incredible ball striking, followed by periods where I lost significant distance with my irons.

With this in mind I decided the Tour Striker would be the perfect tool for the job.

So today I brought the Tour Striker out and headed to the range.

Although I had no problem getting the ball in the air with the tour striker, hitting off firm mats, I knew I wasn’t making perfect contact.  Over the next hour I was able to hone in on the problem and the Tour Striker was incredibly helpful.

The results of Day One

My shot shape went from high spinny shots to penetrating shots that seemed to fly forever.  It was exciting to see my distance come back, and to boot it happened so quickly.  However, I’m not ready to say 100 percent that it was the tour striker’s influence.  I may have happened to have a great range session.  All in all it was a good start.  I will continue working with the Tour Striker over the next month and report back on the results.